Tuesday, January 27, 2015

RUNNING IN FRONT OF TRAINS?! Insurgent Trailer Talk!

So the trailer for Insurgent came out a while ago and I thought I would give my general thoughts and opinions of how I think the movie is going to be and if it is going to be as good as the first.

This trailer confused me a lot because I marathoned Divergent and Insurgent so the two books are somewhat of a blur, but I reread Divergent before the movie came out. That being said, the way Jeanine has people hanging by a thread in this glass rooms did not ring a bell. Then i realize that this is supposed to be the people strapped to wires and when I read the book I pictured them on one o those cold metal tables lying down, but to have them but hanging there is something very interesting and visually pleasing if I am quite honest.

The trailer looks very action packed and is cut to look that way. From the start it is tanks and guns and shooting and running in front of trains. Then we reach the fractionless and Tobias' mother looks like she could be his twin sister. Naomi Watts is way too young to be playing Evelyn. The age difference between Theo James and Naomi is only 16 years. It does not seem believable to me and is not what I pictured.

This trailer looks very appealing as a movie, but I am not sure how close it will be to the book. It looks like an amazing action movie and it will probably be used to draw people in who did not read the book, but want and action movie. Divergent was very close to the book with only a few minor details being left out because they did not do much for the plot. I believe that this movie will be amazing, but we will have to wait for the release date to come closer to see how close it will truly be to the book. But who cares cause Theo James is Theo James and everyone needs a little Theo James in their life!

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Lee Chand


  1. I read Divergent and saw the movie. I was very happy with both.

  2. Books are always better than the movies!

    1. So true. The movie is never better than the book. I think the best compliment a movie can get is, it is almost as good as the book!

  3. I saw the movie. It was pretty good.