Monday, July 6, 2015

Teen Wolf Season 5 Premiere!

     As many of you know...TEEN WOLF IS BACK! Last week MTV gave us episode one and two of season five! Now if you do not know what Teen Wolf is about....really isn't that hard to figure it out...about some teens...who are wolves also...Teen Wolf
     I am a massive Teen Wolf fan and tumblr kinda turned me into this insane fan! I am in love with all the actors and how funny the show is and yet it is terrifying. After waiting almost a year since season four ended I could not wait for this new season. Even though I do not believe anything will get better than season 3A, I was still excited for seeing more of my favorite character fall into more trouble!
      Most people judge this show based on the title and think it is going to be dumb and lame and not worth watching, but the show truly has amazing mythology and is mostly factual. The stories that Jeff Davis tells with these characters is so interesting and keeps me as a viewer wanting more and more! I want to know what is going to happen next, what monster will appear on the grounds of Beacon Hills High next and who will leave their normal life behind!
      You cannot help but fall for these characters very quickly, especially Stiles. Stiles is like the glue that keeps the pack together. He brings everyone back to reality, but yet always has a plan for any obstacle that comes their way! The development of him and his father is so heartwarming and believable to see! He brings the humor and Dylan O'Brien's physical humor is prime throughout every season. This was the start to Dylan O'Brien's acting career and it is amazing to see how much he loves the show and keeps coming back to it. Many beloved characters have come and gone, but even with how busy Dylan is he still comes back better than ever every season.
      If you are on the fence about watching Teen Wolf, give it a chance! Season one is not amazing but the story is phenomenal and by season two you will be hooked beyond belief like I was and just keep watching and watching and watching! i was lucky because when Is tarted to watch Teen Wolf, season 1 and 2 were still on Netflix but they have taken them off! I am not actually sure if you can watch the series online, but you should totally try and find it because it is what everyone is talking about!

     SO SEASON FIVE!!! I was so thrilled when MTV released little clips of sneak peeks to what we would expect for season five! What really got me going was the little clip we got of the first 5 minutes of the first episode. We open with Lydia in Eichen House and everyone is just like what the hell happened!? And she is being attacked and treated all poorly and shit and she gives the warning that all her friends are going to die! And then the rest of the season is a flashback to the events leading up to this moment! In season five 16 year old Dylan Sprayberry has become officially apart of the main cast and Tyler Hoechlin has stepped down for he wants to focus on movies, but we will still get bits of Derek here and there! I watch Teen Wolf with my mom and she loves Dylan! She thinks he is super cute and super sexy which is weird because he is still a minor, but what do you expect when you join a cast full of hotties like Teen Wolf! I am excited to see more of Liam and Mason. They seem like they are the new generation of Scott and Slitles! As Scott and Stiles enter their senior year who knows where the world will take them. Scott was just a sophomore when he transformed and now we see Liam tag along the pack as the new potential leader!
      We are additionally introduced to Theo Raeken who is played by Cody Christian and let me tell you...MTV needs to stopped hiring such ugly actors cause it is getting hard for me to deal (sense my sarcasm). This kid is unreal and between him and Sprayberry they are making me feel unaccomplished with my entire life. I guess Jeff Davis just stole Cody from Pretty Little Liars and I am not complaining because his face is something very nice. Like I would like to sit on that face till I see the morning sun. Theo is supposedly the fourth grade friend of Scott and Stiles who has returned looking for a pack to join, but Stiles is skeptical and does not believe a word he says. I am captivated by his character and I want to see where the show takes his story! We are also introduced to the villains of this season; The Doctors! And we do not really know exactly what they are doing right now, but it looks terrifying! I am excited to see how this all plays out and how every story will fit together! Also Jordan Parrish and Lydia Martin is my favorite thing on this planet right now!!! I am dying from this relationship and I just want it! I want it! MARRISH FOR LIFE!
      I am excited to see where this season leads us and I just want all the Teen Wolf! I am excited for episode 3 tonight at 10pm EST on MTV! I love this show from the comedy to action to horror! I cannot wait for the rest of season 5!!!
Do you watch Teen Wolf? What is your favorite episode! Mine is Motel California from season 3!
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Lee Chand


  1. Sounds so exciting! I really was on the fence about watching Teen Wolf because, well, I have loads of exams coming up and blah blah.. But now that you got me interested- WHY EVER ISN'T IT AVAILABLE ONLINE?!!! This sucks bigtime.

  2. I will miss Tyler Hoechlin...

  3. I agree with you. The actors are very attractive. So hot!


    Did they already tell who or what kind of creature Parrish really is? He's too hot, fire can't burn him. LOL I'll miss Derek huhuhu I shipped Derek and Stiles, before! Hahahaha they were too funny together! Ughh the feels. Eichen House--I need to know wtf happened to it. WHY ARE THERE SUPERNATURALS IN THERR?!?! SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS!


    Kristelle @ Amiabooklover

  5. Yeah my sister and I watch teen wolf. She loves Dylan!

  6. Dylan O'Brien <3. I cried when colton hayes left the show :((