Thursday, March 21, 2019


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Wow! Yesterday was surreal! I had the pleasure of meeting V. E. Schwab on her The Near Witch Tour through the Westerville Public Library. The event started with a quick interview followed by a Q&A and hearing Victoria speak was truly mesmerizing. She spoke in metaphors with such grace, and after watching Hannah B stutter her way through The Bachelor, it was such a relief. One of the first things she spoke on was how she missed her puppy like air and sunlight. I wish people spoke to me like this on a daily basis.

She was so welcoming and warm. Giving everyone in the crowd genuine advice about writing and world building. It is obvious that she adores meeting her fans as much as she loves creating stories. She had a conversation with everyone who came up to her during the signing. I brought up how she used to work at Macy's and it is honestly one of the worst places to work. And she worked there for just one month probably a decade ago and yet somehow it has not improved.

The one thing I admire about her most is her work ethic. She has written 15+ novels in the past 10 years and I have no idea how she does it. Here are some of my favorite quotes from her about the writing process:

"When writing characters, I ask three questions – what do they fear, what do they want, and what are they willing to do to get it?"

"I know the ending to every book before I start writing. When I start a story, I always know who my characters will be at the end. And then I rewind them. "

"Getting over writer's block is all about knowing why you have it"

"When editing, if the book is a body, you have to fix the skeleton before you can worry about the makeup."

"When world building as a fantasy writer, many writers give you the key to the house. I don't give you the keys, but I leave the curtains open."

Overall Victoria Schwab is one of the loveliest humans I have had the pleasure of meeting and I hope to have the chance again someday.

That being said, you see that big pile of books in front of Victoria? She signed all of them! Two lucky people will win either:

a SIGNED copy of A Darker Shade of Magic
a SIGNED copy of A Gathering of Shadows
sorry the rest are for me

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  1. Eli is my fav! SO EXCITED FOR THIS ONE

  2. She seems like such an amazing person! Ned Tuttle is so my fav!

  3. I favored Victor and he was tough and protective

  4. Would you ship INT if the winner paid for the shipping? :)

  5. Lila is my favorite!

  6. Lila Bard baby!

  7. Victor and Eli are both my favorite

  8. Eli has got to be my favorite! Thank you Lee for doing this!

  9. Cassandra MahabeerMay 8, 2019 at 1:34 AM

    Lila is my favorite

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