Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Favorite Bookstagrammers! Inspired by Alexandra from Twirling Pages

While exploring Alexandra's lovely blog the other day I came across her Favorite Bookstagrammers post. Not having a bookstagram of my own I felt left out of the I made one! You can find me at LeeTheReader! I have 9 posts and I think they look so pretty! haha :D
As a photographer I think the skills that these bookstagrammers possess are beyond incredible. Still life phototgraphy is such a hard art form to grasp though people think it is easy. I can assure you it is not. As someone who does street photography and portrait photography, I have such difficulties with still life photography. I started this bookstagram as a way to fix that!
Even though my bookstagram is new, I have been following quite a few bookstagrammers on my personal account and here are a few of my favorites...


Alexandra's post is the reason why I created a bookstagram so I just have to include her. Her posts are so cute and everything is so well placed. I also adore her room! It seems so bright and the wall behind her bed is perfection! Thank you Alexandra for introducing me to bookstagram! I will forever be grateful.

Carmen's pictures are just beautiful! I am so jealous of the way she is able to create such a warm tone and feel to her pictures. I am also jealous of all the delicious food in her pics! Carmen's pictures are gorgeous...Carmen is gorgeous. I just fall in love every time she posts!

Andie's pictures are to die for. As a Harry Potter fanatic I am jealous of all her HP merchandise. I also love her Sock Sunday posts. She is so creative and I admire her pictures. She gives such a homey vibe with them and they all look so cosy.

Caden's pictures...OMG! She is so creative with her placement and the way she pairs books together! The colors she pairs together look beautiful and I wish I had as many bookish things as her!

Julia's pictures are so elegant and girly! They almost seem regal to me with her flowers and dishes. Everything is so bright and inviting. So clean cut and nice which is probably the opposite of me but I aspire to be like that!

Karmen's pictures are amazing! Every post has so much going on but it is not overwhelming. They all look perfectly framed and her layout is on point! I find myself loving every picture!

Rebecca's pictures are what I aspire to be! They are so creative and I love her editing on them. A little dark and mysterious. They give me that warm winter feeling that I love during this time of year!  

And those are some of my favorite bookstagrammers! Go follow me on my brand new bookstagram and tell me who your favorite bookstagramer is in the comments below!
Thanks Hons!
Lee Chand


  1. I love Bookstagram! It makes me feel unaccomplished tho

  2. I love your instagram and blog, thinking of doing one myself :) Keep up the good workk dear :)