Saturday, January 16, 2016

Shadowhunters TV Series Premiere Review!

     It is here! I have been waiting ages for this and it is finally here! SHADOWHUNTERS! You may recall my post in June discussing casting and I do not think I talked enough about how hot this cast is! They are all literally the hottest human beings that have ever walked the Earth. Hodge Starkweather? More like HOT Starkweather! Just saying...
     Anyways this will be my review of episodes one and two (which you can see on the Freeform App) and may contain a few spoilers, but nothing major. If you have read the book then there really won't be much to spoil. First I will start off with the show as a whole and then more onto the individual characters and actors. Now if I did not read the books and I was not a fan of the Mortal Instruments Series, I would probably not like the show. If I was thrown into this world without some type of backstory I feel like i would be totally lost. I was not expecting the show to be exactly like the book  because TV adaptations usually never are. They need add some new elements to keep it exciting. Half the reason why the show was fun to watch was to see how many things we could pick out from the book, but we also could not truly predict what was coming next. The show did beat my expectations...because my expectations were so low. There were a few tiffs that I had with a few characters that I will explain below. But I did enjoy the first two episodes. The reason why is because I want to see my favorite characters come to life. When reading the books I never had a solidified face for Alec. He was always a mishmash of people with dark hair that I saw throughout the week. Now I picture Matthew Daddario as Alec and that is exciting for me!
     Okay now characters I love! My favorite characters by far are Simon and Alec!!!! Izzy is pretty high up there too along with Clary but SIMON AND ALEC! The scenes with Simon were by far my favorite! Alberto is so cute and adorable in the show and he delivered his lines just how Simon would in the books. Simon and Clary's friendship seemed real and genuine. They came as a packaged deal and they will stay that way.
     Matthew Daddario as Alec was perfection! He got Alec's tight-ass attitude down to a T! From the way he treated Clary to his overprotective and responsible manner, he is Alec. His lines next to Simon's were my favorite. The only problem I have with Alec is that him and Jace do not seem like parabatai. I did not feel that bond and connection that is there in the book. You can feel the love that Jace and Alec have for each other in the books, but it is just not present in the show. But other than that, Alec is perfect and Simon is perfect.
     Emeraude as Izzy was great! I love how they threw in how Izzy is terrible at cooking. The only thing is that Izzy does not seem as sassy as she does in the books. Like she almost seems too happy. In the books she has attitude but still cares. Another thing that I just found to be dumb is when Izzy says to Alec, "What? Demons dig blondes," but when it came time for her to distract the demons, SHE TOOK THE WIG OFF! I also did not like that Izzy was the distraction. In the books she would never succumb to that.
     Kat was cool as Clary. I liked her but I was not crazy about her. Luke was alright too. I like him but he seems a little distant. Not as warm and fuzzy as the others in the cast. We also did not see too much of Magnus in this episode so it is hard for me to make a call.
     Now Jace...Jace Jace Jace. They never seem to get my Jace right. I love Dominic and everything he does, but not as Jace. The way he derived his lines...I was not a fan. It kinda bums me out. In real life I see Dom as such a Jace like character. Constantly joking and picking with people, but that did not come across in the show. And I had such high expectations. I have been watching behind the scenes videos and Dom was so funny! From Panda-ing to when the cast played werewolf, he seemed like Jace and I was just let down. There were a few lines that even made me cringe. Like when he brushed her shoulder and says "You have the sight?" it just did not feel natural. It is hard to put a human face to Jace, just because he is supposed to be that angelic human being. I am hoping that things will get better as the season goes on.
     One person I want to talk about is Valentine. Alan Van Sprang is amazing! So dark and just filled with madness. He delivered his lines with such intensity, but yet it was not over the top like movie Valentine. He was very sincere in his feelings for Jocelyn. Joselyn is one character I did not particularly like. She seemed awkward. The scenes with her and Clary did not feel real and she just seemed like an annoying TV mom. But she's asleep for now so who cares. I just want Lena Headey back.
     Anyways I did love the show! There were little things here and there that were cool to see. Like Simon and Maureen singing Forever Young... talk about foreshadowing. The runes were pretty cool to see. A bit confusing how they appeared and disappeared but still cool! I will keep watching the show! I give episodes one and two 3.5/5 stars!
What do you think of the show! Let me know in the comments below!
Thanks Hons!
Lee Chand
and below are some of my favorite scenes from Shadowhunters


  1. I haven't been able to watch the second episode yet but I loved the first one! I agree with you - Jocelyn didn't come across as a loving mother and her interactions with Clary were a bit stilted. However! I really loved their interpretation of the book! Yes it is an altered version of the book but a lot of the things that are different are different in a good way! I can't wait to watch the rest of the show!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

  2. So, i'm a little weary about watching the 2nd episode because the 1st was kind of a let down... is 2 better than 1??
    Saw you post the link for this on Goodreads BTWS

    1. Two is better than one. It's funnier. They will get into a flow

  3. I liked the first two 3 episodes and I think Jace, Alec, Simon and Isabelle are doing a great job!

  4. I liked the first two 3 episodes and I think Jace, Alec, Simon and Isabelle are doing a great job!

  5. I really want to know more about Sebastian in the series