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Vicious by L.J. Shen
Release Date: December 27th 2016
Source: Purchased
Format: Audiobook
Pages: 339
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They say love and hate are the same feelings experienced under different circumstances, and it’s true.The man who comes to me in my dreams also haunts me in my nightmares. He is a brilliant lawyer. A skilled criminal. A beautiful liar. A bully and a savior, a monster and a lover.

Ten years ago, he made me run away from the small town where we lived. Now, he came for me in New York, and he isn’t leaving until he takes me with him.


She is a starving artist. Pretty and evasive like cherry blossom. Ten years ago, she barged into my life unannounced and turned everything upside down. She paid the price.

Emilia LeBlanc is completely off-limits, my best friend’s ex-girlfriend. The woman who knows my darkest secret, and the daughter of the cheap Help we hired to take care of our estate. That should deter me from chasing her, but it doesn’t. So she hates me. Big fucking deal. She better get used to me.


        I am now addicted to L.J. Shen books! If steamy angst is not your style, then I suggest ignoring my next few posts because I am hooked. And if these books ARE your style, I demand that you pick every single one immediately. If you're not into the whole asshole thing then you will probably be able to leave Vicious behind, but if you do, this is the most perfect asshole in all the books I have ever read. There is one aspect of Shen's writing I love and it's the fact that she is a master at writing an antihero. She takes us to the brink wondering if there is any way her character can redeem himself whilst making us fall head over heels in love with a cold, arrogant and vindictive bastard. We see this again in Barron Spencer (Vicious,) your typical All Saints High football star. They all seem so bad for you on paper, but yet they feel so SO SOOO GOOD.

        At 17, Emilia (Millie) LeBlanc moves into the Spencer family mansion with her sister Rose when her parents are hired as caretakers for the sprawling Spencer property and Vicious never lets her forget she is the ‘help’ and not welcome in his circle of rich, entitled friends. The story opens in present day when Millie and Vicious are 27 and their paths cross again after Millie was forced to flee the Spencer estate when she turned 18.
        Millie was down to earth, an eclectic artist who didn’t conform to anyone’s standards, she was her own woman, but one man could shatter her resolve and that man was Vicious! No matter how many cruel barbs he threw at her, she took them and most times gave back as good as she got.
        The timeline jumps several times throughout this book but it is done seamlessly. The hate and tension between these two was palpable and I loved every second. Vicious was ruthless towards Millie, but as the story goes along we see him learn to be a marginally better person, but in the end he still is that same asshole. But Millie doesn't try to change that. She loves him for it, flaws and all. She understands his pain and does not expect him to change.
        Another L.J. Shen book that I could not put down no matter how hard I tried. And I will keep going until I finish them all. I don't know what All Saints High is doing to their students, but it makes for excellent reading material. I would give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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