Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Kingsman: The Secret Service Movie Review

Gary "Eggsy" Unwin (Taron Egerton), whose late father secretly worked for a spy organization, lives in a South London housing estate and seems headed for a life behind bars. However, dapper agent Harry Hart (Colin Firth) recognizes potential in the youth and recruits him to be a trainee in the secret service. Meanwhile, villainous Richmond Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) launches a diabolical plan to solve the problem of climate change via a worldwide killing spree.

            I do not know where to begin with this movie! Kingsman is action packed and full of excitement. It gives the new generation an introduction into the spy universe with quick humor, young attractive people and intense action. Kingsman is James Bond rebuilt from the ground up for this current generation. Matthew Vaughn's style gives the movie a quick pace and keep you on the edge of your seat. With both the elements of Kick Ass and James Bond how could you not have an amazing action-packed spy movie?  Colin Firth plays Harry Hart, one of these said Kingsman who finds a young boy by the name of Eggsy who has all the potential to become a Kingsman–considering that his late father was a former Kingsman– and Hart decides to bring Eggsy in. Samuel L. Jackson plays the role of Valentine, who from the start we can tell is up to no good, but what really caught me was his sidekick Gazelle who in true Bond villain style has amputated legs that turn into blades....HOLY SHIT!
            I love the characters in this movie especially Colin Firth's character. I especially love the fact that Colin just kicked up his feet for this movie and said "Fuck it. I can be a bad ass. I can be relatable," and totally changed my perception of him. The fight scenes with Colin were amazing and were some of my favorite scenes in this movie and this movie does not hold back. At some moments your just like "oh there is a knife in that dudes head" or "okay that guy just got stabbed in the eye," and are somehow totally okay with it. Vaughn takes his character in directions where most would be hesitant to take such big actors.
            One thing, that myself as a lady was very excited about, were the suits and how classy these men are. Kinsmen embody the word gentleman, but yet they can kick ass in any situation. The combination of suits and posh English accents gets my heart fluttering and no matter who it is I will find them insanely attractive.
            What I find fascinating about this movie is that it was adapted from a comic book which means there is more to come. Vaughn despite his usual "I do not stick around sequels" styles said he is currently working on writing a sequel for Kingsman and if it is picked up we are likely to see Kingsman 2 by 2017. I can see Kingsman becoming a franchise that enormous amounts of people will be waiting in line to see. I loved Kingsman and will watch it over and over again! 5 out of 5 stars!
            Let me know what you think of Kingsman and how dreamy you find Eggsy in the comments below.
Lee Chand
And here is one of my favorite clips from the movie  with Colin Firth below...WARNING is very violent and gory and below that is the trailer 


  1. love the review lee! I loved kingsman!! Eggsy was to die for

  2. that fight scene is also amazing. i like the bar one too

  3. I want to watch this movie now!! that wink just killed me

    1. watch it!!! omg watch it! I feel like it is going to get bigger and bigger

  4. Kingsman is great!!! I want to get my hands on the comicc

  5. This film was fun to watch. It has so much action and comedy to keep the audience going. Plus Colin Firth 😍 showed a different side of his acting ability that made him more appealing than usual. I love him in pride and prejudice and now I love him more!

  6. I really want to see this movie. Your review is great.

  7. I love this movie! The coming full circle at the end was so cool. I was on my feet near the end and the whole conflict was so cool! And scary... imagine if it really happened!

  8. I love Colin Firth! I will definitely check this movie out.

  9. I enjoyed how action packed the movie was!