Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Shadowhunters TV Series!?!?! Set Pictures and Casting

IS IT TRUE IS IT TRUE! IT HAS TO BE HAPPENING!!! SHADOWHUNTERS TV SERIES!!! They are beginning to film the shadow shadow hunters TV show and it is going to air on ABC Family in 2016 (which guys is really soon). The cast is looking phenomenal and I am so trilled with it. And of course it is hard to let go of Robert Sheehan as Simon because he was my Simon and will always be my perfect Simon, but I am sure the new cast will be amazing.
      So first we have our Clary! Katherine McNamara! and She is fucking beautiful! She looks the part of Clary like Clary on the book covers ever though I did not mind Lily Collins despite the fact that she did not have red hair. Katherine is gorgeous and I have the biggest lady crush on her already! She looks super sweet yet super bad ass and I cannot wait to see what she does to Clary.
      And next my beloved Jace played by Dominic Sherwood!!! I am in love with this casting! I loved Dom in Vampire Academy and I loved him in that Taylor Swift music video and I love his two different colored eyes! I love Dominic Sherwood! Most people hated Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace and I don't completely disagree but Jace is supposed to be cat like and Jamie does look like a cat. A very skinny lanky cat. Dom gives Jace that muscular look that he really needs and I am so happy I can't breathe.
      Next we have Alberto Rosende as Simon! Now as I said before Robert Sheehan is my Simon. He is what made the City of Bones movie not terrible for me. He embodied Simon and made Simon come to life for me. There have not been many pictures of Alberto Rosende as Simon, but the rest of the casting has been on point that I do not have any doubts about any of the cast members to be completely honest.
      Next we have Izzy played by Emeraude Toubia and HOLY SHIT SHE IS FUCKING GORGEOUS! She is so hot holy shit and that is exactly what Izzy is. That is exactly what all these shadowhunters are supposed to be. Just perfect ethereal beings left here on this Earth to protect us and holy shit Izzy is hot. I believe she is both Mexican and Lebanese and that combination made her fucking beautiful. Alberto Rosende is so luck for getting to make out with her..,three seasons from now. She's hot. This whole cast is hot. Lets move on.
      And then we have Matthew Daddario as Alec Lightwood. Matthew looks a lot like Paolo from the Lizzie McGuire movie. Just super handsome and tan. I really liked Kevin Zegers as Alec for the look but he did not have much opportunity to show off Alec. Alec had very few lines in the movie and I wish I has more to base Kevin off of. But I am sure we will see Alec and all of his Jace lovin ass in the first season. He looks like a great Alec and I cannot wait to see him with Magnus
      And now Magnus Bane played by the one and only Harry Shum Jr.!!! I am so excited about this because I loved Harry's dancin ass on Glee. He was one of my favorite characters on the show because he was so quite, but the few things that he said were hilarious. I am excited to see him brings Magnus to life and let him open up and give him the opportunity to be dramatic and out there like Magnus.
      Next we have THE FUCKING OLD SPICE GUY as Luke!!! His name is Isaiah Mustafa which sounds like the ultimate Lion King name. I think this guys is fucking great. He is super funny and those commercials were the shit. They always had me laughing like crazy. He looks so hairless to me that its hard to picture him as a werewolf. Like in the commercials he is all shiny and oiled up...werewolves have a shit tone of hair bro. But I guess Luke was not born a werewolf anyways so whatever. I bet this guy is so sick of being branded as the Old Spice Guy and I hope this gives him the opportunity he needs to break free of that mold.
      Next we have Jocelyn Fray played by Maxim Roy which is such a bad ass name. She looks so familiar to me but I do not recognize any of her work. Clary's mom won't play a big part in season one because she is basically captured for the fucking entire first season which is why they could steal Lena Headey from Game of Thrones for the movie, cause she literally was not in the movie at all. But I am hoping for the show to be a success so that we can see more of Maxim as Jocelyn.
      Next up we have Valentine played by Alan Van Sprang. I never liked movie Valentine. He was fucking weird and just did not look like her could be the father of both Jace nor Clary. I always thought that Ian Bohen who plays Peter Hale from Teen Wolf would have always been a good Valentine. He is so dark yet condescending and brilliant. It takes a lot to play a smart, crazy, demon controlling man and I think Ian would have done a perfect job. That being said, I have not seen Alan Van Sprang's work, but I am sure that he will make a brilliantly crazy Valentine. Both Valentine and Sebastian are two of my favorite villains just because of how crazy and messed up their minds are. They are such complex characters to me and I just want to know what is going on inside their heads. I want to pick their brains and see the madness that ensues.
      Up next we have Hodge who is played by Jon Cor who i didn't know at first but then I googled him and HOLY SHIT! He is fucking sexy. Like I never thought in my life that I would say I want to fuck Hodge Starkweather but boy do I say it now. He almost seems to young to be playing Hodge. I always thought of Hodge as this old decrypted man sitting inside the New York Institute for eternity. I cannot imagine Hodge as a young sexy man cause holy shit I can't breathe.
      And the last of the casting news is Raphael our beloved vampire which is already a step up from the movie cause we did not get him at all there. He is played by David Castro who looks like a promising Raphael! I have no complaints.

Over all I am so happy with the casting! Everyone looks the part and I am super excited for 2016 to see what the new cast brings us!
And here below are some awesome set pictures that honestly get my heart fluttering. 

Enjoy! Lee Chand


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  1. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS LEE!!! MORE THAN YOU COULD EVER KNOW!! I love your writing style. youre so honest

  2. the set pics are killing me too. dom is just so sexy


    1. me too!!! the pics just make me so excited but yet so upset that it is so far away

  4. Katherine McNamara really looks like Clary. She is so beautiful!
    The cast is definitely goal worthy! I would like to have them as my friends. Especially Alberto Rosende he is just my spirit animal! 😜

  5. Hi Lee, my name is Tasya and I run a blog called The Literary Huntress. I have nominated your for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Check it out :)

    1. thanks so much girly!!! will get on that now!!

  6. I didn't know that Raphael was cast :OOOOOO Ahh so happy! And I'm getting all the feels with the cast pictures. I really hope they don't screw this up.

  7. I am very excited for this. I also want to see how Isaiah Mustafa acts.

  8. I am so looking forward to this!

  9. For me, the cast is PERFECT. I am only worried about the script. But for the cast, even Cassie accept it.

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  11. Everyone sure does look attractive!

  12. Katherine McNamara is so pretty. - Total girl crush!

  13. I love the way you write Lee!
    I am very excited for this show, i cant wait to see how the actors portray their roles.
    Also the cast is ridiculously attractive and perfect!!

  14. I'm a little disappointed with the acting quality of the show. I was really hoping it would be better than it is. Jace has a hard time delivering his lines so they're funny. And I don't like who they cast as Hodge. He needs to be older. The guy cast as Luke also threw me - he should be more down to earth in like a flannel shirt kind of lumberjack-y in a sense. I don't know how to describe it. And the girl who plays Clary is constantly overacting her lines. My two favorite casts though are Alec and Magnus. This Magnus is soooo much better than the movie. And I think Alec is probably the best actor on the show. I feel the show is getting a little better as it goes on, but I feel like the acting quality really needs to step it up...